Research in the Applied Neural Interfaces Lab is focused on understanding and modeling the neuropathophysiology of disease with the goal of engineering new devices that interface with the nervous system to improve peoples’ lives. We use behavioral studies, electrophysiology techniques, computational neuroscience, and machine learning methods to determine the mechanism of disease, create new research paradigms, and develop new treatments. Our two main research areas in the field of neural engineering are brain-computer interfaces (where we study how to optimize systems that allow people to control external devices directly with brain activity) and neurourology (where we investigate how we can stimulate neural reflexes to improve urinary retention and incontinence in disease and aging). The PI, Zachary Danziger, is an Associate Professor in FIU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering.

For available positions look below!


Lab News!

– Lab produces a human-in-the-loop model of invasive brain-computer interfaces, facilitating decoder design and testing in closed-loop. Out in JNE!

– Daniel Jaskowak leads initiative to synthesize the field’s lower urinary tract modeling efforts and where it is headed. Review in N&U!

– New NIDDK R01 to understand neurourology and design neuromodulation for the lower urinary tract through hybrid computational models

– New NSF M3X to understand human-algorithm interaction for high-dimensional control of physical robots.

– PI is lead author on the BMES Code of Ethics

Now Hiring:

The lab is seeking motivated personnel to help advance our research activities. Please see the following position(s):

#1) A Postdoctoral scholar to lead an projects in computational neuroscience. See the job advertisement for details!

#2) A Postdoc position for an NIH-sponsored, highly interdisciplinary project to design a new framework for understanding systems physiology, with a focus on neuroscience. Find more about our search for experimentalists or theorists! (position filled)

#3) Potential graduate students, If you are interested in working with us now or in the future, send an email to the PI, Zachary Danziger, to begin a discussion. We will add you to our list of interested applicants and contact you immediately should a position become available.

#4) Undergraduates seeking to work in the lab should contact the PI, Zachary Danziger, by email and describe your interest in the lab and availability to work. If you are a good match for the lab we will pair you with an ongoing project as soon as an opportunity becomes available.