Zachary Danziger Ph.D., Florida International University
Principal Investigator and Director

  • Assistant Professor, Florida International University Department of Biomedical Engineering (current)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke University (2016)
  • Neuroinformatics Certification, Marine Biological Laboratory – Woods Hole (2012)
  • Graduate Studies, Northwestern University (2011)
  • Undergraduate Studies, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (2005)

* Dr. Danziger received FIU’s university-wide 2019 “Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring”


Jihye Bae

Postdoctoral Scholar   (jbae [at] fiu [dot] edu)

Jihye is interested in adaptive signal processing, machine learning, and their applications to medicine and biology. She is conducting research on emulating neural states based on hand kinematics that will ultimately help the creation of human machine interfaces.

Arezoo Gerami Pour

FIU PhD Student   (agera008 [at] fiu [dot] edu)

Research assistant in Applied Neural Interfaces Lab at FIU. She got her BS and MS in the field of Biomedical Engineering in 2012 and 2015 respectively. She started PhD in January 2017 and works on studying urinary tract reflexes and bladder control.

Damiano Angoli

Research Associate (dangoli [at] fiu [dot] edu)

Damiano is conducting research in the field of electrophysiology applied to the study of the bladder reflex recovery after spinal cord injury using an animal model for future application in patients with SCI.

Peeyush Awasthi

FIU PhD Student (pawas002 [at] fiu [dot] edu)

Currently works to develop effective decoder algorithm for BCI. He is interested in field of signal processing application in Bio-Medical engineering. He got his M.Tech in signal processing and communication network from IIT Kanpur in 2013. He has worked in open space laser communication.

Steafan Khan

FIU PhD Student  (skhan095 [at] fiu [dot] edu)

FIU junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Research areas of interest include neural engineering, prosthetics, biomechanics, medical devices, and computational modeling. Currently working on the Brain-Computer Interface project.

Carlos Caiaffa

FIU Undergraduate  (ccaia001 [at] fiu [dot] edu)

Undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Engineering with interests in neurophysiology and brain computer Interfaces.


Graduate Students
  • Hernando Santacoloma (2019)
  • Chazman Childers (2018)
  • Morits Luik (2017)
  • Ninfamaria Arredondo-Walsh (2016)