Zachary Danziger || Principal Investigator ||

  • Assistant Professor of BME, Florida International University
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Duke University
  • Neuroinformatics Certification, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole
  • PhD in BME Northwestern University
  • BS in BME University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Received FIU’s university-level “Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Scholar Mentoring” in 2019

Chair of the BMES Ethics Subcommittee, 2018-2021


Hsiang Lin || Postdoctoral Scholar ||
Hsiang likes to superimpose models to everything he encounters in his life. He will be mainly working on the BCI project in the lab. Besides working in science, he has profound interests in all the creative activities.

Arezoo Geramipour || FIU PhD Student ||
Studying the neural control of the lower urinary tract and its age-related dysfunction.

Peeyush Awasthi || FIU PhD Student ||
Designing decoding algorithms and control for brain-computer interface applications.

Steafan Kahn || FIU PhD Student ||
Studying motor learning and neuroscience.

Adury Zinnat || Research Scientist ||
Rabeya Zinnat Adury is a fresh Master’s graduate from FIU Biomedical Engineering and soon to start working as a research associate in Applied Neural Interface Lab. Her project concerns with bladder reflex reconditioning of spinal cord injured individuals.

Jenny Pei || FIU Masters Student ||
Masters student in the department of Biomedical Engineering interested in learning more about neurophysiology and brain computer interfaces.

Nicolas Valencia Diaz || FIU Undergraduate Student ||
Junior majoring in Biomedical engineering interested in the areas of neurourology and brain-computer interfaces, currently working on learning how aging affects the lower urinary tract system.

Raquel Veiga MartinCaiaffa || FIU Undergraduate Student ||
Undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering with interests in the field of neuroengineering. I’m currently part of the brain-computer interface research. In this project I help to label videos of animal movements using a software called DeepLabCut.


Zoey Ray Danziger || Milk, Poop, and Fussing Specialist
Empirical investigations of motor learning and cognitive development.



  • Scholars
    • Jihye Bae (2019)
    • Damiano Angoli (2019)
  • Graduate Students
  • Masters Students
  • Undergraduate Researchers
    • Carlos Caiaffa (2020)
    • Hernando Santacoloma (2019)
    • Daniel Jimenez (2018)
    • Chazman Childers (2018)
    • Ninfamaria Arredondo (2017)
    • Laura Gonzalez (2017)